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Spiritmaster Question


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If you could choose between these 2 statuses, which one would you get?

1: Combat Rating: 21.990
Magic Boost: 6148
MAgical Acc: 3300
Critical Spell: 796
Attack Speed: 19% (1.8)
Casting Speed: 20% (0.6)
PvP: 18,9%


2: Combat Rating: 22.987
Magic Boost: 6360 
Magical Acc: 3620
Critical Spell: 799 
Attack Speed: 0% (2.2)
Casting Speed: 20% (0.6)
PvP: 18%


Difference between the two statuses:
With the spellbook, I  have 242mb and 320ma more than the Orb, but have lower attack speed, and 0.9% less pvp dmg with the spellbook.
(Essence points on full knowledge +60 when I got these statuses)

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