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More Frequent Exp. events ?

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i'm kinda surprised no1 till now made a topic about increasing number of Exp. events we receive!! since 2 months we receive a rotation which ensured 100% Exp. weekend every 1 month. but tbh i believe it is not enough , i have friends who stopped play and they try to play back and after couple days they find they made 1% - 10% of their current level annnnnnnd they log off and never show up again  cuz they can't catch up their friends and even sometimes they are embarrassed to apply to a higher lvl group cuz the "carry" feeling .

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All weekend buffs are needy in their way. We get a different buff each weekend.

I, for example, don't care about the 2x Crafting/Gathering weekend, but tell that to those who try to raise Aetherforging and spend a fortune doing it and wait that weekend buff like there is no tomorrow.

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I like the EXP and AP weekends the most! I could careless for the other ones, but I also know that there are people who think they are also very useful, so why not? <3

Looking forward to more of this kind because it's very useful especially for leveling. Hitting 75 is really hard work. Q-Q

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