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more quick bars for screen


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The problem is we have a lot of skills that are similar to others only to have a bigger cool down.

For example me as a sorc have flame bolt and flame harpoon, the same skill practically, one has no cool down but lower dmg and the other one slightly more dmg with 3 seconds cool down. I have like 4 different aoe skills, simpyl differently implemented, same effect, different cool downs etc.

It is not that we have a huge variety of skills, we have the same skill in different versions.

And yes, the ulti buffs, conditional buffs, potions, branding signs and minions etc are all taking way too many slots.

Also if you move to another quickbar number it doesn't totally change the bars, it leaves two side bars instact and some bars simpyl shift. Thi sis probably the most r3t@rd3d way to make this.

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