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Returning from 3 years of not playing the game

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The title is self explanatory. I noticed there was a mountain of changes. So right I would like to start over as of most my characters vanished with the merging servers. I'm at a difficult decision of class to choose. I've been partial to Cleric, SM, and AT unless those classes got nerfed. I usually do solo PVE (nobody loves me), don't care for PVP, and just looking for general survivability.

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4 minutes ago, 1s33D8DC-KT said:

I looked and they ain't there. Oh well, I figured it's time for a fresh start anyway.

But you are posting from a Katalam character. Meaning you have them.The series of numbers and letters is a "merge" name. We all had our names reset during the merge a few months back.

If you didn't see characters, maybe you have a race conflict? Try contacting Support.

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