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Blood Mark Weapon/Shield skins

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Is there any way to buy Blood Mark Weapon/Shield skins for toons that didn't reach the level of Abyss Entry quest? Just to record some parts of the game and cut scenes that my mains had with not quite good appearance when they were little... :) I so far only found the way to use wrapping scrolls to pass these weapons/shields from older toons. I's a pity there's no cheap Heroic wrapping scroll for Combative items and the Abyss entry quest moved to lev 45.  

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Just now, Bryos-DN said:

You can buy them from Levinshor and Enshar/Cygnea (Whirlpool Temple/Aequis Outpost). The mythic one, Blood Medal one, without access to Reshanta, you can only get it from purifying the eternal one into it.

---BM skins are awful though.

Oh, thanks :) I just need the skins, not mythic.

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5 hours ago, 1s355C30-KT said:

No, since its 1 time reskin best is to just level those to 65 and farm the bloodmarks by doing linkgate foundry. Triple xp week is soon.

They sometimes get Blood Marks/Blood Medals in Game of Fate. Recording low-level cut scenes doesn't require triple exp on lev 65.

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