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Where can I get firm balaur horns?

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10 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

Level restricted:

  • Silentera Canyon
  • The Hexway (Cant remember the level of mobs here...)
  • BT
  • Esoterrace
  • Sullenscale Rive

No restrictions:

  • Rentus Base
  • ORB
  • TS

I think thats it. The Balaur in Hanarkand/Mitrakand dont work anymore because they are level 1 now.

Thanks man, I will take my lowbie in Silentera then, mentor him and he will get the loot with a Pink Nyako pet. And i'll give a check on the instances you mentioned. I never done any of these so if they are low lvv I will be able to solo them probably, with my 75 lvl sorc.


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1 minute ago, Kiatra-KT said:

Quite easily.... BT for legion mates even pre  4.9 I'd go in with a 65 SM and clear out the 3 door bosses in maybe 10-12 minutes.

Dragging some alts through there should be the most reliable means of getting any master level balic materials.

Oh so BT also drops them, because I did Rentus Base solo and it doesn't worth it, I got 2 firm balaur horns only fromt he whole instance.

I'll go BT then. And also any specific mobs in silentera?

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10 hours ago, Kiatra-KT said:

it doesn't take much to be better... low bar even an ant can't limbo under afterall.. going from 2 horns to 5-6 according to NCLogic is a reliable improvementxD

And do you think hard mode gives better drops? P.S. the reason I'd rather go to BT is because all those mobs I practically 1-shoot kill or 2-shoot kill as a sorc with full harvester and the bosses won't be an issue. Rentus base is much harder even for a 75 lvl sorc and I did manage to kill the final boss as well but that was much harder because the levels are higher.

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Damn a whole BT run, my lowbie got 2 levels, got about 3 inventory bags full of items.... and only 2 firm balaur horns.

That will take a while, I need like 55 or something.

P.S. I had my 55 lvl in group but couldn't mentor him due to lvl restrictions so I kept a lvl 1 in group for my main to be able to turn into a mentor. The boss right before the final boss was so hard to kill, because he transforms you into a soul that you cannot do anything. I died on my main, nobody to dispel it and then I went back in fire form and managed to do it better, I almost died again to be honest. But it worked.

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