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Conqueror's Marks - Another way to get them

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I have made a whole map worth of spots that I saved, most spots are not accessible normally, but only via the portals those strigik mobs provide.

I got like 50 of them in about 1 hour, but I was lucky, most of the times I was getting a strigik mob and I would get a portal, quite a few times I got a harder mob that gave me 3x marks.

BUT is there any other way to get them? Buy them with prestige coins for example, buy them in BCM? Do any quest? I know going to the opposite function makes it more worthy since you can get the other marks as well and then you still have to gamble.

I want to get those wings, but 14500 marks for them is way too much and those small pouches gave me only worthless potions or the normal scrolls.

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1 hour ago, Bryos-DN said:

Well, the other way is looking for the Dynamic Conquest Offerings, which are rare to come by, but give higher amounts of marks per kill. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get them, that I remember.

Oh I googled that and it seems there are bigger monsters that act like world bosses and drop many more of these items but might require a group to take down.


Now I have to find out where they spawn, I could bring a healer and try to do it with a transform if it is not THAT hard.

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They arent that difficult anymore (I should update that page eventually), they still hit you rather hard. And due to the HUGE HP pool they have, unless you have a healer or leech/heal skill, you wont solo them easily.

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I sent this to  @Cyan a week ago and it hasn't been read yet.  Going to try sending a ticket to support as well.   Would be nice to try finishing the skins I want!


With the news of the map deletions in 6.0 including Inggy and Gelk Ive gone back and started farming the conqueror's marks again in hopes of finishing off some of the skins before they are no longer available.   I did manager to farm up the 1368 in order to get the tunic I wanted, but the wings look rather daunting at either 29k or 4560 for a *chance* at the ones I want.   Since the map is being deleted anyways in the nearish future, do you think theres a possibility of altering the number of marks needed?  Or at least take the buffs off those boogers?!   Ive known several players over the years who have tried and given up because of how incredibly time consuming farming them is.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  I will most likely continue trying to finish farming the wings either way,  I just figured it cant hurt to ask for a little help!   -Amarah KT

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10 minutes ago, Amarah-KT said:

With the news of the map deletions in 6.0 including Inggy and Gelk Ive gone back and started farming the conqueror's marks again in hopes of finishing off some of the skins before they are no longer available. 

What? Where on earth did you read Inggison or Gelkmaros are being removed? If you mean the NPC's then yes, but not the maps themselves.

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It was in one of the threads somewhere; however it is possible it was incorrect.  A lot of things were said early on before they were confirmed.    I spent a few mins looking for where I saw it, and the only thing I found that mentions 6.0 map names was:  

Maps are being removed. From 6.0 onward the leveling will be:

Poeta > Heiron > Inggison > Cygnea > Lakrum
Ishalgen > Beluslan > Gelkmaros > Enshar > Lakrum.

Additionally, maps will (or should) get a graphical overhaul.


But if the NPCs are removed.. then whats the point in farming items you cant turn in?  Unless you know somewhere else to get Bright Wing Feather of Allure?    Its also the same skin as the legion wings but clear like ancient spirit and blue/teal in color.  But the vendor doesn't sell the legion wings anymore either.


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Im still trying.  I finished the tunic and now Im at 670/4560 for the random box.   Im hoping that if I dont get the wings I want, maybe I can send a ticket and beg lol.  Im not too proud!  Of course it would be easier if the whole process could just be adjusted.. drop rates, prices, etc


Yes please let me know!  I would greatly appreciate that!  Thank you so much for offering!  I started farming for these literally years ago and gave up.   Then I started farming legion coins because that skin is also awesome and figured I could live with that.. but they are gone now and I missed out.   I dont want to miss out again!  So seriously thank you for your help!

Also I found a clone master last night and got 60 from that box.  Ive found him in 3 places on the map.  The first 2 dropped nothing and the 3rd had the box.  I haven't seen any of the other dynamic mobs in a while

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1 hour ago, Kubei-DN said:

Most of the skins in 6.0 will be seen as drops from mobs or will be available in Golden Sand/Quna Market. I can check Quna for you to see if those wings are there, but I'm sure I've seen them in there.

What is Quna Market and where do I check it?

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On 3/18/2018 at 0:21 AM, Kubei-DN said:

@Amarah-KT Those wings can be obtained from the new organization group in Lakrum for coins (180 coins) which is done by doing daily quests and camps, the numbers vary too.

See → https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:187005005

Gosh, I'll finally be able to get those then... <3 I just hope that the amounts from the quests and camps will be high enough so it's not a grind to get them again. 

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