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XIGNCODE3 Issue Request Thread

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I had the update yesterday (5/14/18 at 10:00 EST), but tried launching my game today and had the problem (5/15/18 at 2:00 EST)

Every time I try to launch Aion


After a Windows update yesterday, I can no longer launch my game. The update is called Windows 10, version 1803. I login and click "Play Now", but shortly after the Aion Game Client closes. Only the NCLauncher Model (32 bit) window stays. I checked my Task Manager and it is not running in the background. I also noticed that the XIGNCODE icon is not on my Task Bar.


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Here  is what the problem I have is:   when I go in I cannot log in UNLESS I GO INTO THE GAME FILE (64 and 32) AND DELETE the X3 information and then REPAIR the files and it will be good for one log in - then to get back in I have to do it all over again....looks like whom ever did the coding might have made a little boo boo..

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