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A V A L A N C H E - Siel Asmodian


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A V A L A N C H E  is a friendly casual legion on Siel server, asmodian side.
We're always looking for new and old players to help out - we have no level or gear restrictions.
All we ask is that you're:

  • sociable 
  • english-speaking (just a lil is okay)
  • willing to help out others ('no e-peens')

We offer a friendly environment for you to level up, but we are very casual.
This means we don't host static runs, and on the plus side we don't push you to either ^^
We have a Facebook group and Discord server on which we talk a lot when we are not ingame.

How to apply:

-> we currently have invites open, so if you use the legion search function, you can find us back easily
(we are in the top 50 as well) - just click 'join now'


(scusi the old art, I'm not a great artist but it's an ode to our wonderful BG, GetOgrelt)

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6 minutes ago, Devilyth-SL said:

make a toon and join us then c:

Plot twist: I have a 70+ sorc on Siel Asmodian. ;D

Who is legionless. xD

And y'all are cool. I love seeing A V A L A N C H E people around. One of the people in my nub-ranger's legion is from yours, and she's pretty cool.

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Hello just got back to the game after 4 years of no love. Bounced between WoW and FPS to satify my lust for gaming. Saw a new level cap and some expansions had passed, thought I would give Aion another shot. Looking for a new home and to get a jump on some stuff, definitely lost my estate probably hold no rank what so ever since now you have to pvp to stay on top lol or at least that was the general idea when I stopped playing. Im sure there are troll farmers still in the game so I am just looking to get back on the grind and see who is still around. Would like to buddy up! Looking for a legion!

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Smol update to the initial post: since the server merges we are now on 'Katalam'.
But other than that, we're still the same!

How to find us ingame:


Use the legion search function (you can find it in the menu) and just scroll down!
We're on spot 39 and lvl 8 - then smash that 'application' button :P

Looking forward to see you ingame!

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