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Yup. XINCODE Stuff.

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I just made a post a few days ago stating that I wasn't up for the new XINCODE thing. And here we are. Day one of this "test phase" and I'm already getting nyerking booted. Here is what I was doing: LOGGING OUT. I was literally, logging out. I can't stress how idiotic this was, I already have a prejudice against this program that I am going to address. But literally tagging me for logging out?? I had no programs running on my computer besides Aion.  And I mean nothing, no skype, no discord, nothing but background processes that my computer needs to function as a nyerk computer. One other possibility for this occurrence might be that I have two screens, and I frequently move the mouse between the two to open browsers and such. If it's even a possibility that switching to my second monitor caused this I'm going to be livid.  I have attached a screenshot of the pop up I got from this lovely occurrence. Can't wait to see what happens next. e29e7e83ec291fa063d0955865eff4a6.png

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