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A funny story..


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Hey guys,

So I wanted a share a story which happened to me during gameplay and also ask you if something like this has ever happened to you too - if so share it!

So long ago, with my first character ever (around 35-36 lvl) I was strolling around the map (Elthen I think but im not really sure). I honestly don't know what exactly I was doing I was just walking around minding my own business.

Anyway, for some time I didn't see any other players around and then out of nowhere I saw a bunch of people wearing santa suits just chillin' near the road. And I went up to them cuz why not. We started chattin (don't really remember what about but they were nice) and suddenly one of them attacked me. Just a few times, no major harm done, and I just stayed there like I didn't know what was going on. Like why is this person hurting me? Then one of the other guys told him to stop and he did and after that we continued talking like nothing happened, said bye and went along our ways.

And AFTER that came the realisation that those "friendly" people were actually enemies!? Like you would think I would've realised sooner because well I dunno thats what the game's about and I did all my quests and everything so I should've known! And also the red bar above them and the fact that the guy was able to attack me ! Gosh I put the word "noob" to shame :D I mean, how air headed can you be! But hey they didn't kick my butt so I guess it's not all that bad. 

What about you guys? I'm pretty sure you can't surpass my dumb level but have you ever met friendly asmos?

P.S: to the friendly asmos - you probably don't remember and/or you don't play anymore but thanks for not kicking my butt - much appreciated!

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One time I was rifting and I saw an Elyos killing some mobs. One of the mobs was about to kill the Elyos, so I helped kill the mob before the Elyos died. The Elyos pointed at me, and I did the dance emote. Then we went our separate ways.

Personally, I wouldn't attack an Elyos if they were trying to communicate with me. Some people say "red is dead," but I like to have fun in other ways too. ;)

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Wound up having a weird discussion with another Elyos on the attractiveness of Asmodians after we fought off an Asmodian in Eltnen. :| RP too stronk.

Another time, was on my then level 32 or so Asmodian, and the Husband was on his Elyos. We met up, and I was dancing for him in the Abyss while his character /sit in front of me (and we were both laughing hysterically IRL) when this other Elyos flew up, looked at us, went "Nice," and flew away.

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