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Sky Island Commander Chesuminit Loot Fiasco

Should NCSoft get off their butts and do something about this.  

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  1. 1. Should they do something?

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    • Why is this still an issue
    • Hurry it up already

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I personally find it ridiculous that it takes longer to loot the boss to grab your omega than it takes to actually do the instance. I think I speak for everyone when I say I really don't want to wait forever not being able to loot because there are 200+ people. So I'm going to do the devs a favor and supply some ideas for how to fix this fiasco.

1) Make the omega a quest drop. Really its not that hard.

2) Make a special box as a quest drop that has a chance of dropping omega, and some other items that drop from the boss like stigma sacks we can chose our stigs from.

3) Allow for multiple players to loot a mob, or even bosses as once.

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1 hour ago, knee-DN said:

There is no omega dropping from the sky island commander, it only drops a godstone which does the same sound.

He's talking about the special Sky Island invasion which happens on sundays, not the regular one which is daily. Sunday ones do have a chance of dropping omegas.

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Every coalition boss is totally a mess always 70% people can't loot, you need to set them as the Invasion bosses so everyone who particiated cna loot them at same time.

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This has been mentioned here in the past, but we've forwarded the suggestion to the development team. We'll let you all know if there's more information to share! Thanks for the feedback. 

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