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Is XP Event Bugged?

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44 minutes ago, Cheesecake-IS said:

I got double XP from my daily luna that I ran just a couple hours ago. And double XP from Fissure. Did you log out and log back in?

Yes, I relogged and am still having the issue.:(


40 minutes ago, Ose-BR said:

In the window that shows your reward of the floor you completed appears normal. Check your chat log, in the chat it appears the final value of xp that you should receive.

I have a chat tab dedicated strictly to XP/ap/gp gain. The final values it displayed from last night and today are exactly the same :(  

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Is it possible that there's an XP limit in there I'm unaware of?
At 74, today, I received 44m per ball in the weekly Luna with a 100% charm and active boost (iirc, it's the same without an XP Event boost but still using an XP charm).
I used a 100% charm both times for Crucible Spire.
i.e Last night's floor that awarded a 40mil base gave 80mil final with a 100% charm and no XP Event boost.
Today's same floor that awarded a 40mil base gave 80mil final with a 100% charm and an active XP Event boost.

I don't remember values of open-world mobs, so I can't say for certain on those.
The only others I would remember from last night was from 4-player AOE and COE farming.

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14 minutes ago, Andregark-IS said:

It works for me, 98m each mob in Adma with charm & Energy of Repose from Value Boost Pack hehe xD

Have fun leveling peeps


What level are you? At 74, I'm getting roughly 46m each Undead Serf in the begging in Adma and 13m per Vampire Whiptail (without any Energy of Repose) with a charm. It seems legit for Adma, might just be my CS and Luna(?) unless there's something for those I'm unaware of- such as an XP gain cap. Quite a few KR-E have been experiencing the same as me though... 
Thanks for the help~

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I´m not sure but...

The exp buffs, since many years ago, works only on the exp from killed mobs. Those buffs never gave more exp from quest rewards or items. You can see that when playing on fast track. FT only gives more exp when killing mobs. If you are planing to do quest, it is the same where you do it. Also the buffs do not increase a reward from a quest.

I think that the exp from Crucible Spire works similar to the rewards from quests.

The "balls" in the instances inside luna shop are like mobs cause you have to "kill" them. So they give more exp with a buff

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20 hours ago, Friendzoned-KR said:

I ran Crucible Spire last night (before maintenance hit) and I am receiving the same amount of XP today (with the event "active") as I was last night. Is this happening for anyone else? A few others I know are experiencing the same issue.

The crucible exp reward are like exp reward from a quest I beleive and exp amulet or buffs from the event wont affect it. The only way to increase your exp from the crucible is from berdin star but I may be wrong.

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