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Gearing after 65?


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I'm fairly new to this game and am currently overwhelmed.

I am almost level 70 and am still wearing gear I got from a campaign quest in Enshar. 

I run TTC and Adma's Fall but I don't know what else to do.

I've heard of Harvester and Apollon? gear, but I can't find anything on where to get these items.

I found here on the forums something about wing marks but that too was very vague.

Can someone help me out? 

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Apollon's gear comes from Cradle of Eternity. (CoE) The gear comes in two ways. The full gear drops (and can be sold/bought on the Broker) or a "blank" piece can drop that you can upgrade in Illuma/Norswold using golden wing marks.

Harvester's gear drops in an instance called Bastion of Souls (BoS). That gear is also tradeable and can be purchased from the Broker.

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