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Ran out of quests

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It's probably been asked, but what to do? I'm a solo PVE player, play a couple of hours per day due work time restrictions. So I don't have much time to wait to find anyone in a mood to do instances with me, since the class I choose seems to not be apreciated by dungeon farmers.

I'm a Chanter 63, getting poor XP on the only solo dungeon on Cygnea. Theses Group dungeons restrictions are a pain, and the lack of aditional missions on the level I run are making me almost give up on the character.

One other thing I would like to know is: how/who/where is possible (if is), expand warehouse beyond 5?


Thanks for reading.

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13 minutes ago, Ayukawa-KT said:

the class I choose seems to not be apreciated by dungeon farmers.

Oh honey, chanters are always wanted in endgame (unless they're not good lol or low level). Get leveled up and you'll have a lot more opportunities for group dungeons. Also, you're level 63 -- people level so fast nowadays that not many run those low level dungeons.

Post in lfg for "BT duo." (Beshmundir Temple, entrance *on fast track server* is in Gelkmaros/Inggison main sanctuary areas). DPS classes are always looking for clerics/chanters/songweavers to run that with in order to level up because you can help keep them alive while you guys run it. That will get you to level 65 fast, and then you can do your ascension quest to reach level 66. Get to 66 because that's where all of the people are -- and all of the group dungeons that people actually run!

Regarding quests, do you have the light blue quests showing? Press O to go into your options and then click Interface. Check the box that says Display Low Level Quests.

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