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Just a little appreciation

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So with all the complaints,the rants ,tantrums,and everything else we can throw at this forum,I think we all owe @Cyan a little gratitude.Thanks for answering our QQ's,thanks for forwarding our requests.Most of all thanks for deleting your rage button when all of us here are just being an A--hole..:D

I know you're just doing  your job and people can say  it's what you're paid for ,but really thanks,in behalf of all the daevas out there.

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@Cyan is our point of contact and because of that he gets hit with all the crap when those above him make nyerk-poor decisions.. which they have been making with frightening regularity lately. 

I really wish that NCWest would put -one- person in charge of Aion that -only- works on Aion, like the other games have. Cyan is doing what he can, but he doesn't just work on Aion. He has to spread his time between other games as well. If we had just one person who focused all their time on Aion we wouldn't have events with irrelevant rewards or luna prizes that out-gear -anything- we can earn in game or Prestige Pack monthly rewards that have been repeating the same boxes for almost a year or promised events and mechanics that still don't work or any of these other crappy management things that we have been flooded with.

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Remember guys, Cyan is only here to respond to us if you dont like something that Ncsoft has done,dont take it  on him. 

I agree that there should be people in charge just for  Aion so management would't be so messy..... at least I felt  it wasnt like this in the past.... 

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