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Level Reduction Stones


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Could someone refer us to a link that shows how to get Level Reduction stones?

  1. Do Level Reduction Stones drop in any instances?
  2. Are Level Reduction Stones a quest reward?
  3. Can we confirm the only way to get a Level Reduction Stone is from Weekly Luna and events?


If we click on the link above, we can click on the "Obtained from" tab. I have no idea how to get anything listed on the "Obtained from" tab.



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u can buy a level reduction stone for a whopping 1600 prestige coins, so add that to the list :P that, itself, takes weeks to get lol...

- luna daily x7 = 1 level reduction
- daishunerk game of fate = 1 level reduction stone on lowest tier box by chance (not a bad rate tbh)
- menunerk's treasure chamber = 1 level reduction stone by chance/luck (meaning no)
- prestige coin vendor machine = 1 level reduction stone for 1600 prestige coins

so the only way to get it for "free" is to do luna daily, meaning u get 1 per week...and just seeing "SFT" makes my wrist hurt already <_<

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