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First Month Playing Aion - Impressions


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Hi. Here's what I think about the game so far.

-Game is awesome a well designed background story. Controls are pretty much easy to adjust to each person's need

-I have a 15Mb/s connection, but sometimes or should I say, 50% of the time, I have some rubberbanding issue, I start moving and all of a sudden I'm back where I started.

-The security thing is an issue. Ok is for our own accounts prottection, but since I'm using DSL, my ISP constantly changes IPs, and when that happens, if I'm playing, I'm booted from the game, if I'm in a dungeon, is my problem that I have to start over. But the most annoying feature is that security code needed to be checked on mail every single ip change.

-technical issues appart the game is thrilling, but there's a downside to it and it's story. The forced PVP issue. If you like PVP I'm ok with it, but I'm a PVP hater, and since I'm new to the game, I would like to level up and don't be bothered by bored players who come through rifts. PVP should be something with concensus. Two players or more, face each other to measure skills. Is a boring thing to be killed by someone when you're watching an animation from the game, thing that I appreciate too much to do while playing. So a good thing to know is, if there's some item/server where factions do no meet on areas where rifts usually appear such as  Iluma. Took me days to grind my level to get some decent ammount of quests to level up, and I couldn't do them because fields were camped by breachers.

-other issue is the lack of reasonable ammount of quests on 60-64 level area

-and to finish, the most annoying feature of the game, the group forced dungeons. Doesn't matter my level, would be my fault if I die in a dungeon, so I would rather have this feature removed, because we loose tons of good quests due limitations of needed group. And I don't have much time to play so I rather take my chances solo instead of sit for hours waiting  for a party on LFG channel or the system pick up some good match for any instance.


I might retire for a while until I figure some way to avoid breechers, I will not humor bored players that want to kill new players on levelling areas.


Thanks for reading. All have a good week.


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Would just like to comment on two things.

First.. the "forced PvP issue." That doesn't begin until after level 66. Until then you can level in complete safety on the Fast Track Server. After that, yes. You are on a map where the enemy has a chance to come. Those enemy players aren't bored, actually.  They are doing kill quests. You also have kill quests. Group with others to kill those enemy trying to kill you for a quest to complete your own quest. Which leads me to the second point..

Second.. this is an MMO. You know.. multiplayer? That you feel you are "forced" to group with others and "forced" to do dungeons is odd. You didn't know that at some point you were going to have to.. you know.. play with others? I think the "forced" dungeons are there on purpose to force people out of their solo shells so that now that they are at the PvPvE maps they will have comrades to fight alongside with. So your two biggest issues solve each other.

Joining a legion helps a lot, too. Gives you instance comrades to run dungeons and support you in PvP.

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You know it's good that someone actually takes the time to write such a detailed feedback post. I wonder how many people feel like OP, but don't make any effort to post, so no one ever knows what they think- so developers lose out on a lot of input.

That being said, OP has a mix of technical and gameplay issues, I won't get into the technical issues, but regarding the gameplay issues

- Aion is a non-flagged PVE/PVP game, this should probably be made even clearer to new players, on the web site, when they create a new character, etc so that everyone understands that you can't opt out of PVP. (Of course, technically, you can by staying in the levelling zones - but presumably most players want to get to or close to level cap at some point). 

I don't blame anyone for being annoyed waiting for a party to form, being in a good legion is really a good option, other games have better party finder or group requirements for dungeons than Aion does so that wait times can be reduced. However, this is an MMO, it's based upon interaction with others, not solo play.  If anything, I would expect that the group requirements wouldn't disappear, but there wold be more improvements to the cross-server party finder as in some other games.




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Thanks all for the feedback you're giving to my post.

Regarding beeing or not an MMO, I play for the PVE content, I like a good story, I don't care for PVP since in "my oppinion", is a waste of time. But yeah, some people like it. But I don't want to be dragged in to other people's tastes for gamming.

-For devs. I would pay real cash for an item that gives me 24h neutrality regardless of the zone I am.

-For players, is very hard to find a game not pvp oriented, I can't spend tons of cash for a console just to play one game, MMOs are today the best source of good gaming and good stories, also good source of friends, but you don't need to like the same things your friends like, that's what makes you unique.

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The bad news is, Aion is up to 6.2 in Korea right now, and, after almost ten years, there is still no optional PvP (outside of a brief stint from 2012-2014ish). You either live in instances (dungeons) with other players, or you mosey around the world and die. 6.0 (the next super patch with no NA ETA) is open-world lol-u-dead again and lacking in instance content.


For more PvE-oriented MMOs:

FFXIV, 99% PvE with horrible, optional PvP, very popular atm. $15 a month, buy2play. They have a free trial.

GW2, strongly PvE-oriented with optional PvP. Can try the vanilla game for free. Expansions are b2p.



And, having had DSL in the past, utilities like WTFast and Battleping are invaluable for playing many MMOs.

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Hi I'll answer some of your questions.

-We're living in optic fiber era please get one if you can ,and using WTFast and Battleping services can reduce this issue by a lot.
-Verify by email I see it as a good thing in case somebody got your email and password they can't log cause still need verify by email even they got email password they still can't using the mail cause different location it needs to be verify by phone or another security step.It's very secured.
-I don't like pvp game but we gotta admit it's the trend of games of this era.But I agree that there should be a flagged pvp/no pvp system.
-Yes we don't have enough quests for level from 60-64 area.
-Yes this is MMORPG but doesn't mean it needs to forced to play by group,it should be a choice for players to choose whatever they wanna solo or group play.Some might want to hunt and solo instances but they also want to exchange and do trading with other players.

Thank you for reading and goodluck :)

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If you only care about PvE, I suggest you to find a PvE-oriented legion soon. There are several solo-dungeons (most of them as daily/weekly) that you can play without worrying about your team-mates. But after few weeks you'd be probably bored of them: they are meant to help you to level up, gain some mats/reward, not to really entertain you. And the game rewards very active players (often with many accounts/alts).

If you don't plan to find a legion or look for some players with similar interests, I wouldn't recommed you to invest much time on Aion: this game is boring if played alone. Cheesecake gave you 2 good alternative to consider.

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I can't get optic fiber here, even living in the biggest city of Brazil, some areas barelly have DSL :/


Back on the game topic. I love the crafting system in this game, I never saw other MMO with work orders, also, here I can learn and train any profession on crafting without limitations, other MMO I used to play you could only master one profession also gathering included, so was horrible, so basically I know at some point even if I only dedicate myself only to crafting, I'm gonna need some dugeon loot, and I rather go get it than buy it, and guess what? Group limited dungeon,

-so technical issues aside, the pvp thing and the dungeon limitation thing are the only 2 things that are ruining the game content. I totally agree with the 24h time limitation but not with the group needed to enter limitation, sometimes we just need to squash a but to get some needed material, They should be all free to enter, group or not group.

I created my own leagion/guild just to don't be bothered with guild invitations, also checked the option on system to auto-reject pvp invitations, those two things were like an ice bucket on my hopes for this game, I knew was too perfect to be true.

@KallSu-KT I never get bored playing solo.


Thanks all for the replies. Hope this won't fall on def ears.

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Glad to hear that you like to play in solo in Aion. Then there's something for you as well. The pvp will be always there, but you will learn to avoid the major risks, time after time.

Just one note, before you invest too much time on crafting: the crafting you are referring to, is probably the one in the crafting stations, right? With work orders. This crafting will be removed in Aion 6.0, and IT IS limited to 1 master profession per character also in Aion: you can start them all, but only 1 character can reach the master (500p - essencetapping, aethertapping and construction don't count). You can use work orders until 400p, after that, you'll need materials you gather in instances (currently is very very difficult to find enough balaur horns/blood stain on the broker, since no one runs the instances lv65, where they drop).

The new crafting is Aetherforge, that will be revamped as well in Aion 6.0, but you will keep your progress. So I suggest you to don't spend too much time on the old crafting, and to focus on Aetherforge, if you like it.

(That's an example to show how poorly the game is explained to new players. A legion/a friend could help with these kind of tips/info, before they discover by themselves that the crafting profession they chose can't craft ceramium or similar.)

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On 16/03/2018 at 6:09 AM, KallSu-KT said:

Glad to hear that you like to play in solo in Aion. Then there's something for you as well. The pvp will be always there, but you will learn to avoid the major risks, time after time.

That's the thing that made call this a forced pvp. The deal is: I don't want to avoid anything, I want to stay focused on my own tasks without worry with some randon. I was checking other games, wich I will not speak here, but most of them, regardless other negative points towards the PVE comunity, have something that makes you neutral.

Let me say what would be make this game perfect for both comunities PVE and PVP

1-an item like consumable that will flag you as neutral for 24h regardless where you are, once consumed, player cannot activate any kind of pvp (duel, or faction), so no exploits could come over it.

2-a checkbox on quest window saying "Don't show quest like this" for stopping those irritating autoquests when you enter combat zones like Abyss

3-remove that one low level mission where the player "have to" go through pvp arena, seriously that was a lame decidion. You could also move quest NPC outside the arena

4-remove the dungeon group only limitation for all dungeons. If I fail is my fault. I bet I can get more exp entering and dieing on first mob wave instead of sitting on a low level dungeon until I reach the level for the next quest.


I don't like group play. I rather play solo. But still I don't want everyone be like me. I don't like PVP but others do, that doesn't mean I want to be dragged in neither be stuck because the lack of dev planning.

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