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I 100% understand that the drop bug needed to be fixed but I really wish you hadn't chosen to do it in the middle of the Suna boss fight when more people than I've seen online in over a year were on playing together and having so much fun.  I wish you'd waited until AFTER the upper sieges.  Since the Asmos haven't had forts in forever and here we all were not able to be in to defend what we had.  When we DID log in, there was a bug where the Coalition didn't form so we couldn't defend.

So now what started off as an amazing fun day was cut short and further sullied by losing not only fun content, but other content we'd worked hard for.

And I know it's just a game... but I just feel more and more like we're not really cared about or considered when choices are made.  I know the gaming community can be and of is, harsh and whiny and angry most of the time... but I feel like more and more you guys just don't care.  You make events to get our money and don't really mind how unhappy we are as long as we spend it.

I also know that it isn't the fault of the person (probably Cyan) who is reading this.  You're just able to do what you're told and Na answers to Korea... so I know I'm kinda just venting into thin air...

But MAN I used to love this game so much...  8 years now and I am trying so hard to love it still.  I worry that we're coming to the end of the line because things just keep getting worse...

I hope 6.0 doesn't turn into the cash sink we all fear it will.

I'm gonna try to keep hoping.  I love the game and the people here but... it's just getting depressing that the games creators don't seem to love us all back...

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agreed 100 christy. I quit aion to go competitive in OverWatch after climbing to top 20 this season I decided to quit cold turkey and come back to aion, I spent my whole lifes savings coming back to the game only for them to do this dirty deed to me. DX NC tell me you'll fix this please gideon drag an aetherkey into my inventory or something. DX


Sincerely goat,
Aiononlines number 1 fan

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I totally agree. Ever since they removed Sarpan, Tiamaranta, Katalam, Danaria, Idian Depths, and Eye, this whole game took a rapid nosedive. All my friends and legionmates who I'd known and hung out with ditched the game entirely, people I'd known on a more casual basis from working together on stuff like Tatar and Ativas raids left, and the game lost 6 great areas that people were STILL finding new things in (like the secret dandelion ride in Sarpan), and STILL finding new raids to love (Zakufu, Debarim, etc.). Reviving the Eye is a great idea, but all it's gonna do is show new players how much better this game USED to be, and be temporary nostalgia for people like me before it's back to the same old grind of Evergale, AOE, etc.; Cygnea, Enshar, Norsvold and Illuma combined can't hold a candle to how awesome any ONE of the six removed zones was. 

Seeing this event go awry right out the gate gives me zero faith that 6.0 is going to be enjoyable, especially when it's going to remove even more zones and gut this already gutted game even harder. This was partially an awesome nostalgia trip, but it was followed by a harsh reminder of what Aion currently is. I don't blame the NA teams at all, but it's very obvious that whoever's in charge of the Aion design choices stopped caring about the playerbase years ago. It's honestly pretty depressing to see what's happened to a game with so much potential. 

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NC, do not you get tired of harming your players? Every time a shit, losing more players, we are tired of this lack of respect, who maintains this online game is us players, who spends with NCCOIN, VIP, ITEMS BCM is us! Not you I'm sure 90% of the administration does not play the game itself. Thanks again for discouraging us players.

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