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Allow GMs to Combine or Move Topics


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A process should be created to allow GMs to combine Topics ("threads").

From time to time, the same topic is re-created on several threads. GMs should be able to select multiple threads then click a "Combine" option.

  • The text from the original Posts and all comments would be moved to a Main Post.
  • The now sub-threads would receive and automated response stating, "This Topic has been merged with a similar Topic."
  • A link to the Main Topic would be automatically added as a response in the sub-topics.
  • The sub-topics would be locked.

A process should be created to move Topics from one Category to another.

The Aion Forums has several Main Categories: "General Discussion," "PVP Discussion," etc.

From time to time, Topics have been created in one Category that would be better placed in another Category. GMs should be able to select a Topic and click a "Move to Category" option.

Combining multiple threads into one thread and moving Topics to a more suited Category would allow:

  1.  Players to find helpful information faster, and
  2. GMs will be able to assist players quicker and easier.


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