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How would you prefer that NCSoft fix the Tia Eye Event  

125 members have voted

  1. 1. How would you prefer that NCSoft fix the Tia Eye Event

    • Increase item prices / loot set to league
    • Leave item prices the same / change to group-only looting
    • Increase item prices / change to group-only looting
    • Increase item prices / loot set to league - BUT add NPC w/ old prices temporarily
    • Other (suggest in thread - will edit in later)

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I think they should just make Omegas/Tempering [Event]/[Stamp] for make them untradable, increase valor of manastones +11/+12 to 200-300, and change the worthless spinel coin gear boxes into AP 80 set which is untradeable with a hgih price, cuz believe me NOBODY will exchange the Spinel coin gear boxes, and that's how you dont break the economy. 6.0 is incomming, doe sit matters if we are all super geared for when it comes? economy will be wiped anyways...

And i don't know if you thought about this but... have you considered how many felicitous people would buy from the BCM with these manas +11/+12 with a normalprice instead the 350 they just put? You just lost A LOT OF MONEY!!!

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The first Npc had the prices too low I agree with that, but the new prices are ridiculously high. If we spend 4 hours killing fat we can get 300 coins, then it would be better new prices, neither so cheap nor so expensive... Killing them in a group would be crazy since the p2w that you have created would have a lot of advantage.

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They killed the whole game!

Looking at the state of the Eye, crickets! Farming was non existent!

Looking at the state of Evergale Canyon, crickets!

Looking at the activity today, crickets!

DN ? Crickets!

KT ? Crickets!

The the Master of NC West, let your CM and GM's fix this!

This is the first time it looks like, y'all slayed this game, due to not having the proper power from those who count the money!



Original Prices! Non trade Omega and Temp solutions to save yourself some face, but you do anything short of this, you might as well look for a new job, because this Production is over! 6.0 hah good luck making it that long!

Here were the mistakes made!

1. Remove that npc!

2. Basing prices on activity, coins gather over 4 days, was the dumbest move after 1. 

3. Going from first estimate of 5-7x, to 20x +, escalating the stupidly I see!

4. Releasing the new price list, my oh my, like Bernie Madoff up in here, trying to cash in before the ponzi scheme if finished. This was like add jet fuel to and match box fire, and then dropping a nuke to put of the fire!

5. BEING SILENT ALL DAY, Wow this is an epic move! Went from screwing us, to ghosting us! Wow seriously this kind of mismanagement, couldn't be anything but some complete inept dude at the top, never played a game in their life! 

6. What is next? Release the npc changed to the new list? Haha game won't make it to 6.0 

I feel for the GM's and CM, I really do! I understand how these things play out, and I get that the Community response is super important to obtaining the power to change anything! But this is crazy!

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