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Originally posted and composed by Isceroth - Israphel. Kept the original formatting.

We've been in the dark for a while about the timeline of the events of Aion. Having transcribed a lot of the books in to the ARP Wiki now, I've come across enough information to create this general skeleton of what's happened and when. Some of the information might be a little off, but I hope to refine that while continuing to play lore-sleuth. Any information that anyone else finds out to refine this timeline is also greatly appreciated.

Pre-Millennium War

  • General - The Drakan are the first beings created. They are given dominion over all sentient races in Atreia by Aion. Eventually, they turn their backs on Aion and seek to conquer the other races.
    • [History of Atreia / Tale of Aion Part 1] - "Being a mentally and physically superior race to the Humans, and the Sapiens, the Drakan proved a sobering test for the sentient species of Atreia as they grew increasingly violent, bent on conquering everything in their path."

Millennium War (B.C. - Before Cataclysm)

  • 1000 BC - Millennium War Begins. Twelve Empyrean Lords sent to save Humanity. Aetheric Field is erected around the Tower of Eternity. Daevas begin to ascend.
    • [GameGuide @ Aion Online - Millennium War] - "A period, lasting from ca. 1000 BC to 1 BC, during which the Empyrean Lords, Daevas, and Humans went to war against the Dragon Lords, Balaur, and Sapiens, in order to stop the Balaur attempt to dominate the entire globe."
  • 9XX BC - Siel establishes Daevic temple. It becomes known as "Siela."
    • [Glories of Sanctum] - "Humans were just beginning to ascend as Daevas then, and Lady Siel realized that it would be the responsibility of the Empyrean Lords to train and lead these brave warriors of winged justice. Lady Siel established a temple for Daevas to stay and study." ... "Despite the humble Lady's protests, the city came to be called Siela, after she who founded it."
  • 200 BC - Balaur raise a sizable army and attack Theobomos. This is a distraction for the Dragon Lords and their trusted legions to concentrate on attacking the Aetheric Field that borders Eltnen. They manage to rip it for a short time, and ascended Drakan Sataloka devastates the region. He is trapped, but never fully killed.
    • [Eltnen's Fall] - "Eight hundred years of war exhausted the Empyrean Lords as well as the Balaur, so it is not surprising that occasional lulls arose in fighting. "


  • General - Cataclysm. Planet torn in two. Siela reduced to ash. Kurngalfberg frozen by Ereshkigal. Siel and Israphel presumed dead.
    • [GameGuide @ Aion Online - Millennium War] - "A period, lasting from ca. 1000 BC to 1 BC, during which the Empyrean Lords, Daevas, and Humans went to war against the Dragon Lords, Balaur, and Sapiens, in order to stop the Balaur attempt to dominate the entire globe."

Post-Cataclysm (A.C. - After Cataclysm)

  • X AC - Sanctum and Pandaemonium begin construction.
  • 50 AC - Azphel appoints some Archons to act as punishment authorities.
  • 60 AC - Shadow Judges of Asmodae appointed by Azphel.
  • 90 AC - Shadow Court fomally established in Pandaemonium.
  • 100 AC - Shadow Executors appointed in to Shadow Court.
  • 110 AC - Shadow Court becomes top machinery of law in Pandaemonium.
  • 150 AC - Shadow Judge Kromede expelled.
  • 152 AC - Prison built beneath Triniel Coliseum in Pandaemonium.
  • 190 AC - Shadow Court jurisdiction spreads to all of Asmodae.
  • 200 AC - Kalaemus, First Shadow Judge, retires.
  • 210 AC - Grand Shadow Judge system introduced.
  • 249 AC - Abyss Gateway in Verteron is lifted & Abyss is discovered. Storm Legion chosen to investigate Abysses. Elyos-Asmodian tensions rise. Historically, this is considered the beginning of the Abyss War AKA Elyos-Asmodian War.
    • [Deltras and Legion of Storm] - "In the two hundred forty-ninth year after the Cataclysm, earthquakes wracked the land around Verteron. A piece of Verteron itself was heaved into the sky, and from inside cracks in that rock a blue radiance issued forth." ... "It was decided that a Legion would be sent in to investigate this strange new realm, and the Storm Legion was chosen."
  • 2XX AC - Asmodians begin to construct Primum. Elyos attack and are defeated.
    • [A Place Called Primum] - "When Primum Fortress was about half complete, the Elyos assaulted it for the first time. Despite numerical disadvantage, the Elyos forces attacked desperately, and Asmodian commanders concluded that the Elyos--having failed to find a comparable location for their own fortress, wished to seize Primum for themselves."
  • 2XX AC - Balaur attack Primum fortress. Elyos join in the assault. Aetheric Field deflects them. Rings are constructed to further protect Primum's field.
    • [A Place Called Primum] - "The Balaur invaded en masse. Intent on attacking the fortress rather than just probing its defenses, they launched a full-scale offensive from the start." ... " As the new fortress gates fell, remnants of an Elyos force attacked Primum as well, throwing the battle into a three-way melee. The Protector of Primum Legion paid for victory with sweat, blood, and Asmodian strength, holding the invaders off long enough for the Daevas of Construction to finish their work and turn on Aetheric Field Generator."
  • 2XX AC - Prototypical Kisks are released. They often do not work.
    • [Expedition to Reshanta] - "There was just one portable Kisk left in our Cube--the last of the prototypes created by the ingenious craftsmen and priests of Sanctum. We had already used one during a battle with the Balaur, and another had been destroyed by a cluster of meteors. A third had proved defective when we installed it during yet another battle against the Balaur. Several of us suffered Vanishment that day. We knew the device was experimental, and we clung to the hope that the last remaining Kisk wasn't another faulty one."
  • 2XX AC - Teminon begins construction.
    • [Expedition to Reshanta] - "Exploration revealed the ideal location, and the construction of Teminon Fortress began immediately after our report to Sanctum. Fear of falling behind the Asmodians had made our leaders anxious."
  • 2XX AC - Shugos are granted entry to the Abyss by Elysea.
    • [Guide to the Abyss] - "The Balaur proved to be much more of a threat, having had nearly three centuries to fortify their position. Inevitably, the Shugos were granted entry to the Abyss, and with them came the allure of profit."
  • 2XX AC - Elyos and Asmodians war over Gold Island--an island in Reshanta pierced through with gold veins.
    • [Guide to the Abyss] - "It was only then that the Elyos and Asmodians came into direct conflict in the Abyss. The first true battle between the two sides was fought over an island pierced through with gold veins. Though the slaughter of the Storm Legion is usually held as the beginning of the Abyss War, it was the Battle of Gold Island that was the true beginning."
  • 750 AC - "Book of the Asmodians" and "Book of the Elyos" are published. Authors profess that they witnessed 750 years of changes. These books were posted to the Aion website before Betas began and may be the starting point for Aion's "present day."
    • [Book of the Asmodians, Book of the Elyos] - "Seven hundred and fifty long years passed, and in that time I saw a great many things change." ... "Seven hundred and fifty years passed on Atreia in this manner."
  • 7XX AC - Time reference. (?) Kistenian states Kurngalfberg was frozen "over 700" years ago.
  • ~1,000 AC - Time reference. Israphel states he has waited 1,000 years to restore Atreia.
    • [Campaign Quest - Israphel's True Face] - "A thousand years I've waited; Now it's time to restore things to their rightful place."

Still not positive about the exact years or span of time of Abyss pioneering from 249 AC. Also not certain how many years after "more than 700 years" the current timeline is set in. Could possibly be an addition of the year on the in-game clock, but so far there is no evidence to go on.

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There is no lore behind it. My best guess would be that Rangers are suppose to be the representation of a human living in accordance with nature. Mau (and Strigik as well, actually) are the ones who follow this ideal the most. Krall, on the other hand... well, yes. :P

There is a Krall transformation for Rangers, but that was added as an extra skillbook for Crucible Insignias and EC.

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