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End The Tia Eye Event Please

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Ok Look I know may get flamed or whatever but please end this event on Wed and spawn the reward npc in panda/Sanctum.  Bring back the event when fixed to group drops.  Seriously this event is a mindle

You CAN choose to not do the event. However, if you do, you WILL be left behind. Thats the annoying part about this games since 5.x.(Well, perhaps since its inception.) It lull's you into a false sens

It's funny. People were all up in arms over the afkers getting a free ride to purification materials in Evergale, but don't seem so upset about the same thing happening in Tia Eye. Weird, right?

Why does everyone seem to think that group loot means a full group of elites in +30 level 80 Commander gear will jump out of the woods and ninja your fatty? Even now with guaranteed loot, you see most of the geared players out looking for pvp instead of zombie farming.

If you're so concerned about the casual players and the f2p guys catching up to the elites, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Whats better for you:

1. Group loot. Prices as intended. Can easily farm 50-100 coins a day just killing mobs and a few fatties. Elites farm a bit more than you do, oh well. Npc is available to sell upgrade mats. Every day you inch a little closer to those gosh darn pvp elites.

2. Alliance loot. Mindless farming. Can obtain way more coins. Elites get the same amount as you. Means nothing if soulstones get jacked up to 50 coins a pop. You have wasted away 2 weeks farming 6k coins. NCsoon promises to bring back the npc. In the meantime you will enjoy 2 months of constant losing in pvp because they have their lvl 80 gear and you don't. But you have 6k coins. Yay.

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2 minutes ago, Bryos-DN said:

Why would your 2 weeks of farming be wasted if you are going to spend your coins?

Because we have no word on when the npc will come back or what the prices will be like. Doing the event is a complete gamble right now. Npc could come back tomorrow. Or it could just get tossed into Iluma 3 months from now. And with 6.0 being as close as it is, every day you don't get to spend your coins brings you a little closer to their rewards being obsolete. 

That's assuming the npc comes back at all. NC could just announce that the economic repercussions would be too severe and not allow you to spend your coins at all. Wouldn't be the first time they promised something but never delivered...

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I'm not bothered at all. I only use this event to PvP and meet some cool asmos.

 My point is that this uncertainty hurts players more than having their loot ninja'd by elites. A good chunk of my friends list gave up on the event the moment the npc was removed. As did many other players. Some people hate to gamble with their time, its simply in their nature.

Some other guys were saying this earlier and I couldn't agree more. With group loot we would've had a fun little pvp/pve event with lots of people running around solo or in small groups. Sure you wouldn't get all the fatties or tons of coins, but the coins you got from mobs made an impact. And you could still benefit from the rewards of this event while still having fun. 

The only players who benefit more from league loot than group loot are the level 66-68 guys in cygnea campaign quest gear. If you are participating in this event, its likely that you do it because you want the soulstones. Meaning you already have level 75 AP gear. You should be able to join a group and have a competitive chance even against elite players. You should not , however, be crying because you think group loot will drive a bigger gap between you and other players. 

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1 hour ago, Deidara-DN said:

If you are participating in this event, its likely that you do it because you want the soulstones. Meaning you already have level 75 AP gear. 

I see more people interested in the omegas and temperings. In fact, I am also more interested in the omegas even though I have 75AP/80AP gear because my Master Harvester and 80AP gear is only like +10. I need omegas. A lot of people are interested in the soulstones, yes, but I think you might be underestimating the number of PVE-only players who only want omegas to get their Apollon gear to +15 so they can purify it into Master Harvester.

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I doubt some people would be so upset about this event if they could simply buy the coins with cash (and maybe NC could even catch up on aaaaaaall the money they lost last wednesday right? ).

People turn into zombies with every event, SFT was just the same, ppl spend hours farming it with their alts, no one complains about it. If its the afk part that bothers you... well, every now and then we have those events where we get items for staying online.

And idk about KT, but at DN pvp is alive 24/7. I spend half of my online time farming fatties and the other half pvping with friends, and its fun af, I have nothing to complain about this event so far (waiting to check the new prices on npc lol, lets see...)


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