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Wrongly IP banned, Cyan Hime Gideon please fix


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{CC} Cyan, {CM} Hime, Gideon NCsoft support has done a bad thing and that's wrongly banning my IP address preventing me and many others at my institute from accessing Aion and other NCsoft games in addition to lockout from logging on online. We are able to make new accounts of each of the games, however after account creation we only have 5 minutes or less to log in the website before future attempts show 'Something went wrong,' where we cannot log in.

In the 5.6 patch notes on point 17 under items it says:



What this means is when you have Archdaeva gear at +15 or above and you socket manastones in it and fail an enchant it can give bonus manastones. This is clearly an intended mechanic and not a bug, and because it is not a bug it also cannot be an in-game exploit. NCsoft support do not understand this and believe all forms of item duplications are bugs or cheats as shown in the following quote.

"GM Baerath (Aion)

Mar 16, 07:00 PDT

Hello there,

Thank you for letting us know about this. At this time, I am forwarding the information that you've provided about this issue to our Quality Assurance Team for investigation. After replicating and confirming the bug, it will be entered into our bug tracking system so that the Development Team can address it.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to assist you.


GM Baerath
NCSOFT Support Team


Mar 15, 19:22 PDT

Is this feature working as intended. You socket manastones in Archdaeva and if you break the equipment piece when its +15 or more you get bonus manastones where the slots are based on what manastones you use? I see a lot of archdaeva manastones on the broker and wonder if all this is allowed?"



As shown in the 3 examples above you get manastones based on each slot depending on high the enchant of the item was. I was not the first to do this and I'm certainly won't be the last, as people have been doing this since 5.6 came out in 19th July 2017.

Prior to that on selection bundles after opening the item, you could request NCsoft to rebox the item for you. When the +10 manastone selection bundle was released I believe sometime after October, one could multiply the +10 manastones and leave 1 to ask NCsoft support to rebox the item. People did this for the +11 manastones and later on the +12s, and this was done on both factions of all servers.


As you can see everything I did was within the rules of Aion and I did not cheat or exploit anything. Duplication of manastones is not an ingame exploit of which NCsoft charges me and the reboxing of items is available for items that allow selection and is available for everyone and this action is facilitated by NCsoft and therefore not on the player.


Your account has been, or is directly associated with accounts that have been, observed violating the User Agreement and the Rules of Conduct through the confirmed duplication of items to gain an unfair advantage in Aion. This abuse has been confirmed both by reports and through our game logs.

As a result of this violation, your account has been permanently closed."


On contact emails of appeals@ncsoft.com, AionCommunity@ncsoft.com, support@aiononline.com as well as twitter and facebook I have either been ignored or faced with stubborn robotic responses where NCsoft support refuse to understand the situation despite the mounting amount of examples I have given them.

Point is I have actually done nothing wrong and ask for the IP ban be lifted so me and many others can go back to playing NCsoft games. I mean people already are getting lots of manastone selection bundles from luna and current events, how is it right that I get IP banned so hard for this when others freely get on the game and do this.


Now I have to maintain log in on my device, because if I log out I am unable to log back in again so I will probably not be able to respond on this account after an extended period of time.

This is not the first time I have been wrongly banned, as NCsoft banned me for botting when it turned out all I did was create level 1 characters with weird names and only from contacting {CC} Cyan I was able to resolve the issue.

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