Hey folks, it's a fair request so here are the new prices that we're waiting to update to live. They are higher than the previous prices due to the high amount of Gold Protectorate Coins being collected. When determining the new prices, we looked at the average rate players were getting the coins and made a first pass using that information, and then we made a second pass where we brought the prices down a bit to account for natural tailing as the event progresses. These will be the final prices. Items Price Royal Sentinel's Weapon Box 1250 Royal Sentinel's Chest Armor Box 800 Royal Sentinel's Leg Armor Box 600 Royal Sentinel's Gloves Box 450 Royal Sentinel's Shoulder Box 450 Royal Sentinel's Shoes Box 450 Omega Enchantment Stone 250 Tempering Solution 350 +11 Manastone Selection Bundle 350 +12 Manastone Selection Bundle 550 [Title] Capable 1500 [Title] Mogul 1500 Tempest Commander Soulstone 100 Iron Wall Commander Soulstone 100 Defense Commander Soulstone 100 Contribution Commander Soulstone 40 We are actively working on bringing back the event merchants as soon as possible. It will require server downtime and we were hoping to get them back up during tomorrow's maintenance, but unfortunately we were not able to get the required build in time for tomorrow.
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