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Proud to be returning played


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Hello folks, I started playing two days ago. I noticed the player base it pretty lower than before (dunno which patch it was but the level cap was 55). I have a couple of questions though:

1. On which level does the actual game begin now? Endgame I mean
2. Are Low level instances below BT needed? I am grinding BT for XP now.
3. How is the best gear acquired now? PVP or PVE?

4. How many players do you think are playing daily? It will hardly change my mind to play or not, since the nostalgia has hit me so hard once I downloaded it again. I am from Europe and I am playing with much lesser online people than you ( dont like GameForge model - money are not a problem, behavior is)

5. Do the old crafting system make sense now?

6. Are abyss instances such as Miren, Krotan etc worth it now?


Thank you for the spent time guys, replies are highly appreciated. 


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1. You can begin endgame content at 66, but I personally think that things don't get cooking into 70ish.

2. Nope. You don't need any of them. Feel free to do them if you like though.

3. You have to PvE for PvE gear and PvP for PvP gear with some notable exceptions. For example, the purification stones that you need for the top end PvP set come from PvP instances.. and one PvE instance, which gives the most for your time. Don't forget that events also tend to give a little for both PvE and PvP.

4. "The Best" depends what you are going to use it for. You will need both a PvE and a PvP set and you will use the PvE in PvE and the PvP in PvP. 

5. Can't really give you a good number. Several hundred at a time in each faction would be my best guess.

6. The old crafting systems will be going away. Level up your aetherforging instead.

7. Nope.

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1- from level 1 to 66 will take you just few days and you will have free gear to use. from 66 to 70 is just leveling a little more but starting to know some of the endgame content. To start doing everything you will need at least lvl 72 or 73. But is not so hard now to get it. 

2- You do not need to do so many quest or instances below 66. Yet some of them can give you some extra exp helping you to level up faster. Fire Temple, Kromede, Adma, Beshmundir can give you some nice exp from quest or mobs. Also the luna instances are really nice too. The main campaings will povide you a lot of experience and finally you will find some dark blue quest (not the light blue ones we used to have) that gives a nice amount of exp. 

3- In the same way than before you have both and the best ones usually changes after some months with a new update. But the current best PvE gear is the Master Harvester (purified version from Harvester) and the best one for PvP is the upgraded one from Abyss points and Medals. 

4- I was checking the numbers in the previous weeks, and I saw on Elyos-Katalam 200-350 players online depending on the moment and events. Probably is similar on asmos or Danaria. Behavior in the community can be so diverse. You will find some nice people and some that you will hate. 

5- Nope. the old carfting professions had a bad update at 4.0 (umbalanced recipes and items so hard to get compared with the utility). Since that moment nothing went better for them. You still can use some alchemy to craft some scrolls (in some way istill usefull) or the others for some old rare skins. But mostly not. And the new one, Aetherforging, is the only one that will remain in 6.0. And apparently is a good idea to level it up (so you will be able to craft some gear then), but I checked that one and is almost useless too. Is so easy to craft now, but the cost of crafting something is too high compared with the crafted thing. Even potions and basic scrolls requires expensive materials and is not worth to use them. And I mastered all the old proffessions yeas ago, but this one was apparently made by somebody who has no clue about that. But, again, will be the only one in 6.0 and will be hard to level it up then. So try it so you can have some new gear in 6.0

6- Most of those instances were removed actually. And usually you will focus in so few instances. You will have some instances to get exp and levels, some to get materials or PvE gear, and some to farm AP and medals to get your PvP gear. But the gear now is tradeable, so at the end you will try to make a nice amount of money to buy what you want. 

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