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Please bring these items back

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It's been a loooong while since we've some items around, and its virtually impossible to get some of them while they're somewhat popular on other regions, like the Stormbringer motion card, I've been crying for so long to have it back and last time the event happened I was so hyped that I'd have the chance to get it but then you guys removed it from the rewards list, while gameforge has it on their webshop... (shoutout to the other motion cards that were released with a set of skins in korea that we've never seen in here even though we got the skins long ago).

Another couple of examples are the Denku/Tomul set which are impossible to farm unless you're a literal BOT, the wise dragon weapons (50 balic) because you can't drop anything from Dark Poeta as a high level (they were already a pain to drop because stupid low drop rates but was still doable) the set of weapon skins where one of them was the snowflake shield (Aquilon's Crystal).

Even if you didn't have a way to make these acquirable in game by regular means at least post them up on BCM once in a while. I know me and a lot of other people would be very interested in having these since they're very special and were much better developed than some skins we had past few years.


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I would like to add 'Dream Faerie's Costume' to the your list which is really cool skin imo and hard to get. I own one and its on the luna wardrobe on my songweaver and I use it alot but would like to have another one. So it would be really cool if they add it to the BCM eventually either on a rotation like they're doing lately or maybe on a specific date (cough cough aion anniversary cough cough).

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