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now im worried about the state of the game

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Heres the deal with Aion NA. It will likely never go extinct, but lets be real, as soon as Lineage Eternal comes out I doubt there will be anyone left playing this game except for Latins and Brazilians (just because they lag so far behind in acquisition.) I'm personally only playing this game as a placeholder for Lineage Eternal -- ofc LE will be out in two years so enjoy the fuk outta this game for the next two years!!!

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I heard another mmo is being made and it's made by I guess north America. I forget it's name but idk. I miss my shooter games. I been playing playerunknown's battlegrounds and it is super duper fun.

Just yesterday I had a dude chasing me through a town with a shotgun screaming at me, maybe a battle cry idk but I never been so scared. I also cant wait for the new call of duty, it looks awesome.

I don't think I wanna touch anything by ncsoft again. Unlike most people I'll boycott things. 

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The average age of MMORPG gamers is over 30, most players work or go to school, that means the demographic is casual and probably less inclined to PvP because the teenage hormone levels are subsiding. By making Aion a grind fest for XP from L66-L75 and making daily questing in areas where your are going to get ganked by geared higher level players from the opposing faction, the Aion devs made the game unpleasant for their main demographic, the casual player.  Most people knew this within a week after they deleted Katalam, Sarpan etc. but didn't replace the reason people liked those maps eg. group Raksang, blood mark camps, safe zones with PvE dailies etc. The L66+ maps are junk. They are designed to encourage PvP for unemployed full time players at the expense of everyone else.

The end result is server consolidation as the casual PvE players leave the game.

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