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Dont buy temperings and omegas from bcm

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Try to remember that we usually have a nerf in the rates when we have some event. And is a policy from NCSoft to never tell us the rates so you can not balme nobody if you buy 20 of them and you can not reduce a level. The last time I tried with the ones from luna shop, I needed 15 units to go from 78 to 75 in one item. That was a couple of days ago. 

And finally, if they understimate us, I think we must show them that we respect us. Not agree to give money to somebody who thinks that can make with me whatever he wants. Maybe we can pay, but think about it. Do you really want to give money to somebody who is making fun of you? 

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Ncsoft has been abusing this community for a long time.

Like any abusive relationship that's left unchecked, the abuse intensifies.

Our community is now being savagely raped.

How long can you stay in this tone deaf relationship and maintain any semblance of dignity and self respect is the question you should be asking yourself today.

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They are seriously mistaken if we think we are going to pushed aside and insulted this way.   Tell me why the community can confront EA in regards to their insulting micro transactions and yield a respectable outcome yet when we confront NCWest they antagonize.   Do not forget its the same as you being spoken to individually by a salesman and being played for a fool....

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