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@Cyan @NCwest Buying us? Or trying to?


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The Tia Eye event gets super nyerked...

Then NCWest goes as low as they have ever gone before.  You upset the playerbase, then decide "let's just try to squeeze what we can out of them" by adding the most P2W event possible.  The server buffs get added, and then you load up the BCM with all of this...


Super, super low.  I don't know what is going on with your company, but whoever is in charge of PR needs to be fired.

EDIT:   And by the way, not responding/ignoring is the worst thing you can do at this point.  Everyone knows it's a work day.

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Its blatantly obvious by now that there is only one part of the community that NcSoft is interested in keeping. I suppose not enough of those people have spoken out about the latest debacle.

How long do you think your whales are going to stick around with no noobs to beat up on NcSoft?

What an insult, you cannot get it from the event we just nyerked up but hey you're welcome to BUY it from our store. I cannot even ...

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51 minutes ago, Harley-KT said:

Nc just keeps digging themselves deeper into their grave. @Gideon @Hime @Cyan run while you can. There's no coming back from this. 

I agree. Though I'm sure we will get another forum post from one of them which will dig that grave even deeper, or maybe more p2w items on the bcm.  Afterall we are their paycheck, I think it's time they learn.  

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