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I'm a Poll-dancer. (Get it?) This is a poll.

Store and events  

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  1. 1. Are you happy with the events?

    • I'm happy with the Tempering+Essence+Stigma event.
    • I'm happy with the new additions to the store.
    • I'm happy with both of these.
    • I'm actually discouraged that NCsoft feels this a quick cash grab is a valid response to pissing off the community.

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I'm laughing my ASS off! Tears are coming down my cheeks right now, that's how hard i laughed when i saw all this SHIT going on. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! KEEP THE RAGE COMING WE NEED MORE PAY TO WIN STUFF IN THE BCM!!! (i'm still laughing so hard right now)..... and btw i've been reading the forums and NO i have not been farming in the eye, i just went in the get the free survey last week and that's all the TIA EYE i'll ever do.

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Well at least we know why they set outrageous prices in the event. Who’s gonna buy omegas/tempers if you can get them easily for free. I wish they had the honesty to admit that, I would respect it more than their shady attitude, excuses and lies.

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* I'm actually discouraged that NCsoft went through with this event while the community is already pissed off to Hell and back instead of cancelling it. At the very least, not putting the items that everyone is already raging over into the store would have been better.

What a shitty week for everyone.

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