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The community will stand strong!


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We need more people to pledge to no longer spend real money on Aion!

We need more people to inform their friends & cancel their subscriptions!

Refrain from supporting NCSoft and its subsidiaries entirely for 40 days!!

We need to make this go beyond Aion!  Spill over into other forums!  Get the community involved!  Give NCWest the publicity it craves, give them the recognition they so desperately want, and let the community know we have a developer who has chosen to take the route of robbing the community. 

Thieves will lie, persist, and ignore!  This is NCWest & we cannot allow them to get away with it!

I'm sure everyone has noticed a few magical things happen over night.  Some very nice buffs and a load of goodies within the black cloud.   Needless to say this was called out.  Notice how we have not been responded to?  The lack of respect that is shown for us.   NCWest will simply tempt us to fail and prove we are not worth their effort.  Their form of response is to show us what we want and get us to hand them the cash. 

To them it doesn't matter that who you are as an individual, it doesn't matter that the entire game mechanics will completely change In just a few months.  They plan and bank milking the current system for all it is worth until it no longer has value.  We need to prove to them that they cannot get away with this guys.  Read into the obvious attacks they are handing out to us.  The slap in the face we have all received in the past 48 hours with one simple rotten response from someone who feigns to show support to the community.  Ultimately telling us their plan will move forward and nothing else will change. 

It is not only our community that is feeling the neglect!   We need to spread the word, inform the gaming community what is happening here, learn what others are going through, and become involved in publicizing developers actions.   We need to post on our twitters, facebooks, if you stream inform your community, if you do tutorials on youtube get the information out there, and become a force for creating a need for the community to be respected as a whole and as individuals. 

I will not blindly support this developer! 

We as a community need to stand strong!

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It's disgusting how cowardly the staff at NC are. They can't even give a response to the OBVIOUS upset from the entire community, they just view forums and hide. It's deplorable how little care they have for their game and their players  customers. You're the people at McDonald's who act like it's going to kill them to give you a 2nd sauce pack. 

You've received tons of ideas from players, new and veteran, how to adjust the event to reasonable prices. From untradeable to making the items (tempering/omega) disappear after 7 days, yet you choose to gamble by pissing off the community and making a clear (and proud) statement that you just do not care. You hide behind the excuse of needing the data to adjust for the return of the event, why are you living for tomorrow when you can live today? So many people spend their lives for the "next" thing/day/etc instead of acting in the moment.

You can still make amends and win the hearts of your players by doing something about this. Not tomorrow or "next time", but now. Not more pay 2 win. Not more items on Black Cloud Marketplace. This is an opportunity for you to have a Service Recovery, I hope you make the wise decision and take advantage of that.

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There's no way I'm buying temps/omegas from them until/unless they do something to correct this foolishness. I'm not a big casher, but I have spent a lot more money on this game than I would like to have, especially now that they are screwing players who either don't have the time to grind for 5 to 20 hours a day so they can get gear sets.
No more money until they show an interest in what their community wants.. Until then, any money I spend will be going to other games.

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3 hours ago, Rod-KT said:

NCNA staff, in my ignorance, allow me to understand one thing:

Last month, during the enchanting event, when it became known the quantity of Omegas/Temperings/stigmas used were grossly miscalculated, with the community achieving all the rewards during the very first days, why didn't you took down these items from BCM with "economy concerns"?


For the record, let's freshen up some minds. A post from Febuary 9:




And especially, take a look at the dates. This event started Febuary 7, as everyone can check main page:




So now, in a space of two days, players did use more than 130k of the items, including those acquired via BCM, and there's no taking down for economy in this case. Why?


Not only that, but check final count of such: 




Posted Febuary 20. Two weeks later. Celebrating 330k achieved during the period. Pay attention to such quantity.

So now, to my sheer stupidity, please explain, where were all the emergence maintenances and taking downs when it was about people buying from store?

This event did throw in market an incredible amount of items as well. 



They are banking on us to continue feeding them their paychecks.  We cannot allow them to lie, cheat and steal from us!  They're purposefully taking advantage of us and disrespecting us!

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