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I definitely feel very sad


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It is incredible the sad feeling of seeing a game to which I dedicate so much time and with which I had such good moments. I am a f2p player unfortunately my economic situation does not favor me to be able to invest money in the game, but throughout these years I never had problems to play, that is, the p2w players always existed, which I do not see badly. Funny because they were a little better armed and presented a challenge. This is my point that they were always a little better armed, but at this moment it is directly impossible. Look that my team is not the best, but I have gear +15 good stones, jewels +7, I could only update two pieces. The problem is that with that team they kill me with two skills, that is, it is not fun anymore nor does it represent a challenge to play against a p2w at this moment it is directly impossible, so I am forced to abandon the game. , that I love and that I have many friends. Nobody cares that a f2p stop playing, but a few months ago I have been observing in the abbys ranking that I charge 3 or 4 positions each week to what today I am army3 without doing gp, that leads me to the conclusion that the game is being emptied. I'm not the first, the problem will come when there are only 4 p2w groups left on the server: / where would the fun be? For a long time, in instances pvp idl kamar, etc., we are always the same people. As I said at the beginning, I do not see any harm in having p2w. What I see wrong is the difference between them and us that never happened in aion and saddens me. This event was the opportunity for players like me to catch up without reaching the level of p2w, but to be fun the pvp and not only that this event did not help us catch up, but put in the store and temperings, omegas and we add it for the server buff, it increases even more the difference between the players.


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