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Cyan please read.This will give the community some peace


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@Cyan @Gideon first off, i appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. I just wanted to ask a quick and simple question.

Us as a raging community can be very frustrating to the Gm's of aion forums because im sure they have very limited power in what they can do.

But all i ask is if you guys can please let us know what event will be coming this wednesday. At least give us this please. Its a reasonable question and wont affect anyone. 

This way if its a good event im sure the community will slowly begin to calm down and prepare to spend all the time they planned on grinding this event for the next.

Thank you in advanced. I truly do hope you guys respond to this. I met my wife in this game and it means alot more than youd think.

Have a great day. Best of luck

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You don't need cyan to answer this for you... I will.... its the Rainbow Snake Event.... a lame event that gives a costume and thats it. It will in absolutely no way make up for the fiasco they have created with the Tia Eye Event.  Don't hold your breath for any events with decent rewards. The Tia Eye event was our chance to get decent stuff to help purify gear. They have proven they don't give a crap about the community.

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