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Limited kinah gain


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In a prior patch, a Daily Kinah Limit was imposed on sales to NPC merchants. This was later changed to a Weekly Kinah Limit. The Weekly Limit takes into account all of the items that all of your characters sold, on a server. It's not an individual limit, per character; it's a pool of funds gained. This limit should reset on Wednesdays, at 9 AM (Central). The Weekly Limit increases with the level of your highest character on the server.

Because of this pool of funds, lower level characters will still be subject to their lower Kinah selling limits. For example, let's say a main character, who is level 65, sells a number of items that get him millions of Kinah. If he logs onto his level 20 character and tries to sell items, the level 20 character may not be able to sell anything, because the total amount of Kinah gained from selling items on his 65, is higher than the Level 20's Weekly Kinah limit.

We do not have the ability to reset any of these Kinah limits. Players will just have to wait until the weekly reset to sell more items.

However, if you want this functionality should change, I encourage you to post or share your thoughts on our Suggestion Box area of our forums below.


This is the best place to discuss your ideas with fellow players who can voice their feedback and suggestions. These can then be forwarded to the development team from there.



If this is the case how are players who don't have extra $ to spend on games would survive? 

Having hard time to get on a group with L66 + yet still manage to get into a group for CeO and get some supplements and when you try to sell them from all alts and main you already cross limits.

I know and understand this is somehow NC trying to wipe bots/RMT but I rather feel as if they are trying to force us to buy kinah or PtW.

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for what i understand you have multiple scrips with that fascinating program you paid in euros to auto run instances and get shit... sadly the limit exists for bots and kinda becuase of ppl like you... dont worry NCsoft doesnt care about you ruining the game experience for everybody but they sure care to keep their $$$ income safe

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