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Server disconnection

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Good evening, my legion was making the instance of Bastion Of Souls when suddenly we were all disconnected, at 00:10 27/03/2018 central time no one can enter until now. Is it a server error?

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this sometimes happens. 

unfortunatelly the only way to get something is to send a ticket. Usually they will just provide you an untradeable instance scroll for the instance you lost. If everyone wants to get the scroll, each of them need to send the ticket. You can not send only one ticket with a screanshot with the full party so everyone gets the scroll. They will tell you that your team mates must send the ticket too. 

Sometimes in the past, some people got a box with a random item gear from the instance. like in DD, the players got the same box from Beritra. But that is not usual, and probably you will only have the entry scroll to do it again later. 

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