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Looking for people to do FM


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Unsure how to do that cross server stuff but I'm sure I can figure that out if it's possible. Day is probably gonna be Sundays and Mondays, time is not set yet, we could discuss that and it gives me time to put days into work I need to, to be available at the time specified. Looking for individuals that are gonna be available to do all runs on specified day or days. Of course the first couple of runs may be slow but after repetition we should get fast at it. If you are interested reply here with class and watch the video attached. Thank you


Group So far:

Templar 75:optimis

cleric 74: Ethereal

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I am an Asmodian 75 lvl, full gray wolf +7 accs with harvester weapon and all, I have never been in Frozen Monolith since I am a soloer and it is a grouped instance. I saw the videos on youtube, it needs a few things to be done correctly so probably for the first time you need some sort of teamspeak/ventrilo type of communication.

If people are willing to take a sorc I am down for it too. Asmodian though.

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