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You know when you've been playing Aion too long, when?


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When you have like 20 diferent medals and tokens/coins in your special cube and some of them were used to buy gear that does not even exist anymore and nobody understand what are you talking about if you name them. 

when you can remember the time when each (or at least 90%) of the legions on the top 50 rank were active. 

when you have in your special cube like 50 items for quest and you do not even remember when you got them and you can not decide if some of them are still usefull or not, and some of the related quest are not even in your list (probably cause most of them were removed long ago)

when on the main page they anounce a "new" event and you remember that you participated on  it between 5 and 10 times in the past

when you see videos from other mmorpg but if you do not see wings in the video, automatically is excluded from the list of games that you can possibly play. 

when you walk with your friends and you see clothes or accessories in real life and you say. "mmm. it is a nice skin"

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