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Make Superior Manastone Ore...

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Because you never use those crafts at 66+? And everything except aetherforging goes away in 6.0.

And you should be using the archdaeva manastones. You get, like, 90  +6s of your choice from 7 runs of the luna weekly instance so long as you have the Mechanerk quest and collect the core thing every time you run.

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the floating girl... but then how do I level my aetherforging if I don't have any superior manastone ore?  I can't use these high level ones because my skill is too low.

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The floating girl is Eli, she is in the south-most section of Pandemonium and Sanctum. You can get them at level 10. She is also in Norsvold/Iluma. You have to be an Archdaeva to open the manastone bundle.

As for levelling Aetherforging or any profession, never do manastones. Too many resources required. In old professions, you only need to do Work Orders until you reach Expert, and from there you process balic materials. In Aetherforging, you just repeat an easy to spam recipe for every 20 (or 40, if you dont mind the cost) points until a newer one pops up.

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