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You need to give me my money back for some of these stigmas.  Shackle of Vulnerability, it's a curse.  Clerics remove it over with a skill that has like 2 sec. cd.  Emnity Swap, trades enmity with your summoned spirit, NO. Cloaking Word, I can't move except for super slow and it cloaks the whole group not just me.  Withering Gloom removes like 2k hp and mp for a whole minute but clerics remove it. Spirit Burn to Ashes, destroys your spirit but inflicts damage to a number of foes. Like I really want to kill my own spirit.  Spirit Wall of Protection, spirit wall of does next-to-nothing. Magic's Freedom, temporarily decreases the magic suppression of a target.  Doesn't work on mobs and clerics remove it.  Earthen Call, busts out of movement restrictions, cool right?  Has a 120s cooldown.  I'm tired of SM being the 'nerf' class.

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Excuse me, I lost some brain cell with the last phrase:
"I'm tired of SM being the 'nerf' class."

...my friend, if they want to fix SM they need to delete the class, it is one of the most OP classes in game. And just becaue the cleric is an equally broken class that doesn't mean SM needs a boost. You got the most r3t@rd3d skill in game -> fear, and not only one, plenty of them. you have a summon that takes dmg for you, making you effectively the class with the most HP in game. You can drain HP/MP, debuff your enemy, bury silence easily...

Just fear the cleric and then dot him, yes the cleric is a broken class, can out-heal all of your dmg and with m.res set will resist 90% of the skills.

But Sm is not a nerfed class.

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