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Need Help With Elyos Campaign Quest <Found Underground>

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I need help with lv 53 Elyos campaign quest Found Underground. Does it  involve grouping up, going into Lower Udas Temple and killing at least Debilkarim and possibly some other boss, or I'm getting it all wrong? We tried to duo it with another returning newb like myself (we both went to LUT for the first time ever), but got our asses handed to us by the said guy, and I've never seen a single LFG shout for LUT, so does anyone ever go there and how do people finish that campaign? Thanks.

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For that quest, you need to kill a normal mob; a Dragonbound in Undirborg, loot the quest item. Then find the statue and get sent into a special section. This section is solo, doesnt require groups or anything. Then, you continue doing what the quest is telling you to. Just make sure you find the Drakan Statue nearby the mob you killed, as it will teleport you to the correct location.

Even though this section is indeed inside Lower Udas Temple, it cannot be accessed from there. It is completely disconnected from it.

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