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Anyone know how to get steam overlay working?


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Maybe if you downloaded Aion from Steam time ago... you had the launcher there and, maybe, you do not have the usual launcher that we use. In my experience, the best way to solve launcher issues, without having to download the whole game again is:

search for your Aion main folder. You will recognize it cause the size is like 25 GB or more (mine is almost 35 GB). Rename that folder to something easy to remember. (I usually rename it as "Aion2"). Then launch the instaler from the main page. na.aiononline.com and start the installation like you do not have it. When creating the location for the new folder, remember where do you have the old folder (the renamed one). And accept everything. The first thing that will be installed is the launcher. That is really fast. Then, maybe if it can not find it, will try to install directX and other small things. Finally you will see that the game start the installation. Easy to recognize this step cause it will say that is downloading and installing something really big (many GB of data). On this point, you cancel the installation. You will look for the new folder and will erase it and replace it with the old renamed one. Make the name match with the name that the new folder had. After that, you will have the launcher and the shorcut on your desktop. If you clock on it, it will find your complete folder and will launch the game. (maybe if there are few updates you missed in the last weeks, it will install them.). I never had issues doing this and in thsi way I saved a lot of time in the past moving the game to a new computer or cleaning my hard disk (format C:/ and install OS again). 

You can also do this if you want to change the location for the game folder. Just select a new desired location on the installation and then move the original folder to the new one (replace it and name it in the same way you selected on the installation). 

I never had the steam version, but maybe in this way you can play it with the normal path that most of the players have. 

(in the past Aion Rain Metter also had a quick launcher included. The same happens with some ping reducers like WTFast)

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