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Will you EVER fix those mass disconects?


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So we are at evergale, we are lower in points and we decide to at least try to get 4k points for the Q items... and boom a mass dc.

I log back in SLOWLY because it wasn't just a normal "you are disconnected from the server" type of dc, my client also crashed so it took my client the loading screen to go back.

I log back in, everyone is offline, the whole map is elyos, they are killing bosses and are like 4k+ points ahead and more than half the people didn't even make it back on time for the sh!tty rewards of the losing team.

Whatever bug this is FIX it, get the stupid snake event away, it sucks, I keep getting spinel fragments and worthless dyes, remove tiamaranta, nobody likes it... just FIX THE BUGS and people will be happy.


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