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EVENTS - 1) NPCs location 2) Quest return


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1) ...why do you constantly keep putting events far far away from "normal spots"? I remember most pre 5.0 events were held right outside the broker/warehouse area in Pandaimonium.

Then we got the tree event that was put rather far from anything people would go, and now you placed the Puzzlebox event in a spot that normally is deserted because characters have no reason to go there...

There is SO MUCH space in Pandaimonium, right outside the broker/warehouse are. Can we please stop putting the event npcs so far?



2) And what is this thing with having to click so many times to give one quest back to the npc? Last night I had 42 Ancient Shards from the event and I had to click so many times to give them back.

To take the quest: Click the NPC (inevitable) -> Select the Quest (inevitable) -> Click OK button. So far so good...
To return the quest: Click the NPC -> Select the Quest -> Click "I can do that" -> Click "Thanks" -> Click OK button

the return of the quest requires way too many useless clicks and none of them is in the same spot to the others, having to move the mouse, aim for the chat, click it, click the next chat, click the next chat, click ok and repeat!

I have read the quest log once, twice or ten time, do I have to keep the same dialog in EVERY quest I return? Do that 42 times.

Make those repeatable quest easier to get and give especially when they need to be done so many time (I had the same problem with the event with dolls, returning 10x broken dolls for a new one)

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