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Cleric PvP Gloves


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Ahserion cloth for MR.
Mythic BM chain for SR, but there might be better lvl65 options (to socket SR22s until they uncap archdaeva stats again, then probably boundless glory or ahserion chain would be best) with higher pvp def
Mythic BM cloth for MS unless you have pure marchutan/kaisinel set, probably Ahserion once they uncap archdaeva stats
Boundless for block/hp.
AP80 for dps.

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I've been using my level 75 AP set (getting the level 80 set asap) as a MR set since I got no chances on getting an Ahserion set. Barely use my arena set which is suppose to be my block set... but I've heard there are better options but it really depends on what you can afford. :3

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