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6.0 Removal of Original Professions & Essence

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So I finally got +10 on all my essence core!  Yay!  I accomplished something Aion.  Then about a day later I read somewhere (YouTube) that essence is being removed from the game.  Boooo.. and that we will be "reimbursed" for our essence core according to their level.  I'd like something that doesn't change so often.  Also, all our professions are being removed 6.0.  That means that the hundreds of millions of kinah that I spent leveling alchemy will go right down the tubes.  I want to be reimbursed for my craft too.  I still use it!  I use it to make flight recov. pots.  since scrolls are being given away now.  That is my suggestion.  Reimburse the player for her/his craft.  

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I find it r3t@rd3d they remove so many things that used to matter just to stupify the game.

Aetherforging was a big fat fail, leveling it is insanely expensive. I think Aion will stop being what we all loved as the time passes. They want to remove 90% of the content and make a game so basic as Lineage II when it was launched (minus the grinding) or something.

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New Aetherforging doesn't have any potion, food and scroll  designs, it's boring!  I had all old professions on diff. toons, now I don't wanna craft anything because it only offers gear that I hate because it doesn't have any flight speed and flight time! :(

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