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Why aren't cute minion contracts giving 5.8 minions?

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So I was looking at what Cute Minion Contracts give (not 14 types) and it shows that you cannot get the new 5.8 minions (Viola, Kromede etc) from it, you can only get them from the Exceptional Minion Contract (6 types) , and the Cute Minion Contract (14 types). Why don't they? If you have cute minion contracts in the Luna dice game you should at least make them have the new minions, or replace them with Cute Minion Contracts (14 types) because otherwise someone would have to spent over 600 mil in a 14 type contract to hope for an A minion they don't have. 

Shows what cute minion contract gives (Imgur)


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Any word on this or has anyone gotten any of the new minions from these contracts (the non 14 types)? I really don't want to think I've wasted over 15 contracts trying to get a minion that is not even in the rewards list cause apparently it's too hard to write their names in the items descriptions. I've gotten an Hyperion, but I think it was back when people were selling the 14 types version which is upsetting cause we spent quite some time with regular contracts even tho the new minions had been released already and almost no one is selling an exceptional version.

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