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@cyan prestige pack update


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Hi Cyan,

In the April preview post you said the prestige pack will be updated.  I've notice that I've gotten 2 level reduction stones from it, but the website list the prestige case rewards as ;

Tempering Solution

Omega Enchantment Stone

Major Danuar Relic

Administrator's Boon [1 Time Pass]

Ceramium Medal

Ancient Coin x10

Blood Mark x10

Blood Medal x10

Fragmented Spinel x500

Value Boost Pack [1 Day]

Berdin's Lucky Star

Enchantment Stone Dust x500

Is there a new list of what comes from the prestige case?

Also will there be any changes to the 36 month reward boxes, I have about 10 of them stored in my warehouse, was nothing really useful to open them for.

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