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Hi all, we're currently looking into the connection issue for Danaria. Hang tight!


2 minutes ago, Tyd-KT said:

Confirmed Danaria has more hackers then Katalam has to be the only explanation for what 3 server downs in what 2 weeks.  /Trollface

Also saw a video of Danaria user doing it in event on the forums so must be true




how dare you

i'm only salty because it's true

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Anyone alive at NC to give us some kind of update???? @Cyan

1 minute ago, Izanamii-DN said:

Anyone have any idea how long this is supposed to last? I know it's happend before but I wasn't around when it did, any ideas? Or does it depend if the gm's actually care?

It's already been about an hour and last 1-2 times it took 1-2 hours with no info from NC about status.

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