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Templar PVE sword/shield DPS in 5.6


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decently geared L 75  templar running

=1660 atk/ 1500 crit greatsword (Double fuse wise apollon +15 crit 5/8 and Apollon crit 19 socketed)

=1140 atk/ 1400 crit sword (Apollon sword +0 crit 17 and Lunatic modor shield crit 20 socketed)


with points capped in reroute, +4/5 main rotation on an a normal iluma dummy,

sword/shield averaged 70kless damage than using greatsword only


 wondering how much other templars are doing now with changes to archdaeva stones being more accessible into gear setups

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The training dummys do not have physical defense. (Except Enshar ones)

Real monsters have physical defense.

I were doing damage mechanic testing and calculated out the (approximate) physical defense of a few high level mobs:

Monster: Physcial Defense

  • Lvl 78 Devious Coastal Cloak: 1581
  • Lvl 80 Aetherion Ettin Lord (Primordial): 1673
  • Lvl 76 Barthor Deckhand: 1610
  • Lvl 77 Barthor Crew: 1635
  • Lvl 80 Liminal Spirit Lord (Primordial): 1666

10 physical defense = 1 damage reduction.

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well for one thing you're using the wrong shield, and you're not getting block damage. there's only a few shields worth using for DPSing as an archdaeva.

  • mythic AC with its 58 attack 81 crit and 220 accuracy.
  • Discontinued Archives of Eternity Sheilds (Sacred Shield of Eternity and Immortal Labyrinthine Shield), both sporting 68 attack, 98 crit, and 252 accuracy.
  • Apollon and S-Frigida have 69 attack + 12 crit and 79 attack, respectively, with good defensive stats to boot, so they're okay.
  • Harvester shield, rocking a crazy 95 attack.

Accuracy isn't mission-critical, but having a full-size crit mod means you can socket less precision and more power. Because attack and crit from primary stats both diminish at the same rate, you can reliably say that 1 attack is equal to 2.5 crit [rounded down by .03 or lesss]  (if you need a source i'll link you the formula / spreadsheet). From this we can compare every shield by dividing any crit on each shield by 2.5 then adding it to the shield's attack for a rating of offensive potential. from this we get harvesters with 99.8 attack, mythic AC with 90.4, legacy AoE shields with 107.2, frigida at 79 and apollon bringing up the rear at 73.8

TL;DR, you can prove with math that mythic AC is 2nd best DPS shield in the game, and 1st best comes from bastion of souls so GOOD LUCK being pro enough to be in your servers statics for it. and if you are somehow lucky enough to have an archives shield from before 5.6, you won the lottery.

Now that i'm done with math, against many bosses or mobs you will be blocking from cry of ridicule and getting the 20% attack buff with your sword and shield out (and crit buff, which you can choose whether to factor that in your other stats or not when deciding how much crit you need unbuffed). It isn't a true 20% boost to your dps, and obviously a lot of temps swap for the buff then go back to GS, but it is less consistent and a lot of temps CBA with that shit.

TL;DR #2, You should have a friend autoattack you with lv 1 daggers during your next dps test so you can get the block-counter buff and see how that affects your 1h+shield dps.

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Tbh, Im only use sword + shield to complete my rotation while Im dpsing. Im using a simple Apollon sword + shield socketed with HP + 7 stones, and our status are around the same using a sword/shield.

Ive made tests trying to maintain or improve the dps with sword, but the GS have too way more dmg output.

Atm I have: 1800 +- /1500 crit strike with ma greatsword, doing around 6k dps on CoE normaly, but Im still at lvl74, so Im still dont have the new Blood Pact skill, that would rise my dps for like 1.5x. This dps get too much lower trying to use more the  sword than the GS.

Btw, gratz on pverank 3rd place, I'll try to pass u soon. xD


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